There has been widespread coverage this week, in various media outlets, following the Prime Minister’s commitment to supporting the new ‘Northern Forest’ along the M62. Prime Minister Theresa May said: “It is vital that we leave our planet in a better state than we found it, with cleaner air, stronger protections for animal welfare and greener spaces for everyone to enjoy. “Progress is being made. We’re investing over £3billion in improving air quality, tackling marine pollution by banning har

BIRD FLU OUTBREAK | The Farmers Mart

Earlier in January, an outbreak of Avian Flu, commonly known as Bird Flu broke out on a site in Dorset, with a total of 31 birds being tested positive for the infection. DEFRA took immediate steps and placed a local prevention zone around the infected area. Since then a further outbreak may have occurred in Warwickshire, though as yet its not been confirmed as testing is still under way. In both cases DEFRA are testing for the H5N6 strain of Avian Flu